Google Pixel Watch smartwatch – prices confirmed by a source

Update: According to Roland Quandt of WinFuture, the Wi-Fi version of Google’s Pixel Watch smartwatch in the US will sell in the UK for £339 and that in the rest of Europe the smartwatch will sell for around €379. The same person is of the opinion that the 4G LTE model of the smartwatch will cost €419.

Prior to that, rumors have surfaced about pricing and colors for the Wi-Fi version of the Google Pixel Watch. A certain source confirmed some of these details.

According to 9to5Google in the United States, a trade source contacted the publication to confirm these details. Previous rumors indicated that the Wi-Fi model of Google’s smartwatch in the United States will launch at $250-350.

The trade source claims the price will be $349.99. As for the colors, it looks like the previous rumors were about right. According to the trade source, the company’s Pixel Watch Wi-Fi smartwatch will be available in black, silver and gold colors.

The 4G LTE model will also be available in much the same colors. At $350, the Google Pixel Watch smartwatch is a more expensive smartwatch than some of its rivals on the market.

Let’s hope the deep integration with Fitbit will be enough to justify the price of Google’s US smartwatch.

What do you think about the alleged $350 price of the Google Pixel Watch smartwatch with Wi-Fi connectivity? Would you buy such a smartwatch at that price or do you think the price of the US company’s smartwatch is not justified?

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