iPhone now accounts for more than half of all smartphones in US

Los Angeles:
According to a new estimate, the iPhone has surpassed Android handsets to make up more than half of all smartphones used in the US.

In the quarter that ended in June, according to Counterpoint Research, the active installed base of iPhones achieved the 50% milestone, while the Android operating system is used by about 150 other mobile brands, according to the Financial Times, as reported by MacRumors.

Operating systems never undergo considerable change, much like religions.
However, the flow has constantly gone from Android to iOS over the last four years, according to Counterpoint’s research director, Jeff Fieldhack.

“This is a big milestone that we could see replicated in other affluent countries across the globe,” Fieldhack added.

A year after the release of the iPhone, in 2008, Android phones entered the market. According to the NPD group, iOS installed base was surpassed in 2010.

Phone sales were dominated in the previous three years by brands including Nokia, Motorola, Windows, and Blackberry.

With a market capitalization of $2.5 trillion thanks to the “iPhone,” Apple is now the most valuable firm in the world, according to the research.

The number of iPhones that have been deployed worldwide will surpass 1 billion in 2020.
According to CEO Tim Cook, Apple “hit a June quarter record for switchers,” or customers who switched from Android to iOS.

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