MacBook Air 2022 could arrive in May with Apple’s biggest redesign in a decade

New mock-up renders of the laptop have been released, illustrating how it might look.

Apple’s MacBook Air 2022 refresh had already been expected to arrive in mid-2022, and now a reliable Apple leaker has confirmed this, claiming that it will be available in six to eight months.

According to MacRumors, this is the latest from Mark Gurman’s newsletter, in which he states that he expects the launch to take place within the stated period, implying that the MacBook Air 2022 might appear as early as next May.

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The upcoming MacBook Air is expected to be based on the M2 SoC and include an entirely new design – Gurman believes it will be the most significant update to the Air since 2010.
As we’ve already learned from the rumor mill, it’ll take design inspiration from the upcoming iMac 24-inch, which means off-white bezels and a variety of striking color options.

In fact, we recently heard from another leaker, Dylandkt, who claims that an off-white color keyboard and bezels, as well as a new Mini-LED screen, are on the way (as seen on the freshly unveiled MacBook Pros).

In related news, based on Dylandkt’s leak, new renders (well, actually updated versions of photos given a while back) of what the MacBook Air 2022 could look like have been put together.
These images, which were uncovered by Tom’s Guide, show the laptop mocked out with thin white bezels and a notch for the webcam — though Dylandkt made it plain that they couldn’t confirm whether or not the notch will be there.

They also show a white deck on the keyboard and the reported MagSafe charging port on the Air.

In addition, Gurman stated in his email that a larger iMac with an Apple SoC will be released next year, as well as a new Mac mini (the rumor mill previously believed that the latter would be arriving this year).

To notch or not to notch? That is the question.
That is the issue…

We must accept the images for what they are — mock-ups of what the MacBook Air 2022 would look like if the current speculations are true – but the off-white bezel (and keyboard) is already dividing opinion.

And if it’s accompanied with a notch (as seen on the new MacBook Pro models), the laptop’s look is sure to stir up even more debate; the white rather than black bezel certainly draws attention to the notch.

However, as we previously stated, speculating about the notch appears to be premature, as Dylandkt has stated that he is unsure whether the notch will appear on the Air (what will not appear, however, is the ProMotion technology found on the new MacBook Pros, which allows for faster refresh rates with the Mini-LED display).

In terms of a likely release date, Dylandkt believes the next MacBook Air would arrive in mid-2022, which would approximately correspond to June or July, which is very much in line with Gurman’s forecast – though the latter appears slightly more optimistic with that May release idea.

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