OPPO will start shipping smartphones without chargers in their boxes from 2023

An OPPO spokesperson has stated that, starting in 2023, certain of its smartphones’ original packaging would no longer include power bricks.
Customers may need to purchase SuperVOOC accessories from the OEM if they want the new devices to be able to charge at maximum speed.
Thus, the news might partially overshadow the Reno8 series’ arrival in Europe.

For the European market, OPPO has introduced the Reno8 and 8 Pro, bringing with them their AMOLED displays and less well-known Dimensity 1300 and Dimensity 8100-MAX (each featuring a series-first MariSilicon X co-processor, respectively).
They start at €599.90 (about US$597) or €799.90 (about US$797) for base machines with 8GB RAM/256GB internal storage.

In light of this, both smartphones may be welcome additions to a market that is lacking in products thanks to their new MediaTek chipsets.
Unfortunately for them, OPPO had other things to say about their debut that might have taken some attention away from their official reveal.

Despite the fact that many other mobile device OEMs have discontinued the practice, OPPO has maintained its stellar reputation for included chargers with every new smartphone it sells.
Billy Zhang, the organization’s vice-president of international sales and services, is said to have announced that this is no longer the case during its most recent European product event.

All of OPPO’s already available lines and series will not be affected by the move, but it is certain that the rest will stop using power bricks as of 2023, regardless of whether they require the specific SuperVOOC technology for their maximum charging rates, which tends to change year.

In fact, Zhang said that as OPPO’s foreign retail capabilities—which have traditionally never been great—”expand” over the following several years, users impacted by such developments will need to purchase new chargers.

As a result, while this new action may be fantastic for the OEM’s environmental reputation, it may not be as favorable for OnePlus and/or its fanbase.

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