A recent iPhone 14 Pro leaker mentioned “problems” with the upgraded camera

In some circumstances, may the iPhone 14 Pro be worse than the 13 Pro?

An better main camera is one of the benefits the iPhone 14 Pro is expected to offer over both the standard device and prior versions.
The first increase in megapixel count since the iPhone 6S in 2015, according to the speculation, is that it will now include a 48MP sensor.

However, the Pixel series has repeatedly shown that having more megapixels doesn’t necessarily mean greater photo quality, and a leaker has claimed that the iPhone 14 Pro’s new camera may disappoint in low-light situations when compared to its predecessor.

This information comes from @LeaksApplePro (opens in new tab), a reliable source of Apple movement predictions.
Here, he is discussing a source’s firsthand impressions of the pre-release iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max devices, therefore the conclusions should be treated with caution because they are based on a second source.

The leaker claims that the camera system has several problems.
There is still night mode tuning to be done, but the new 48MP sensor is ‘the finest one in a smartphone if there is enough light.

“Source claims that in that field, it is worse than the 13 Pro.
Quite a little of noise is present.

As was already established, camera performance is not solely determined by the hardware specifications, which is fortunate because those have already been finalized.
There is still time for these flaws, if they are actually legitimate, to be corrected because a large portion of it is attributable to the “secret sauce” introduced to the software side of things.

I’m a little concerned about low light photographs, but I’m confident Apple can address that prior to launch, said @LeaksApplePro

As you might anticipate from a generational improvement, almost everything else has improved.
The source claims that the speakers deliver “more base [sic] and overall crisper audio,” as well as what appears to be significantly longer battery life, in addition to the best-in-class photos in excellent lighting.

According to the leaker, “source isn’t 100% positive about this, but battery life is supposedly increasing by a few hours on the 14 Pro.”
Although there wasn’t enough time to thoroughly examine this, my source believed it to be true.

The Pro Max feels like a brick in terms of design, as usual, and the camera system on Pro handsets is substantially bigger.
The leaker advises, “Good luck if you have a MagSafe Duo.”
It will probably function, but it looks awful.

What about the replacement for the notch?

“You forget it’s there after you use the iPhone for a few minutes,” like with the notch,
It doesn’t improve anything and seems to exist solely to further distinguish the Pro model visually, much like a showy designer label.

Having said that, everyone is aware of what happened when the iPhone X introduced the notch: a number of high-end Android devices from manufacturers like Huawei, Google, and LG all debuted with their own notches. Therefore, it wouldn’t be altogether unexpected if Android rivals adopted a similar, novel design as a premium calling card of their own.

It’s important to emphasize that these ideas could be completely false or inaccurate. he iPhone 14 series and Apple Watch 8 are anticipated to be announced early next month, so we won’t have to wait long to find out. With a reported initial order of 90 million units, Apple appears confident that it’ll be another hit, but you’ll be able to read our full verdict in September.

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