iOS 16.2 for iPhone Expected to Launch Next Week With These 12 New Features

Following nearly two months of beta testing, iOS 16.2 is anticipated to be published the following week.

With last-minute improvements like Advanced Data Protection and Apple Music Sing, the software update for the iPhone now boasts over a dozen new features.

The new AirDrop setting, SharePlay support for Game Center, Live Activities improvements, Apple’s new whiteboard app Freeform, two new Lock Screen widgets, the ability to hide the wallpaper and notifications on the always-on display of the iPhone 14 Pro, as well as many other new features are summarized below.

Apple Music Sing

You can now sing along to millions of songs with Apple Music Sing, a new karaoke-like function on the lyrics screen in the Apple Music app.

Users can utilize the ability to turn down the vocals of a song and then sing instead.

Devices with an A13 chip or more, including as the iPhone 11 and newer, some iPad models, and the most recent Apple TV 4K, are compatible with Apple Music Sing.

Advanced Data Protection

When enabled, the Advanced Data Protection feature in iOS 16.2 extends end-to-end encryption to a variety of new iCloud data categories, such as backups of messages, photographs, notes, reminders, voice memos, and more.

According to Apple, Advanced Data Protection is now only available to users in the United States and will begin to be made available to customers worldwide in early 2023.

Freeform App

Freeform, Apple’s brand-new digital whiteboard software, is available for the iPhone with iOS 16.2.

You can add sticky notes, text boxes, shapes, photographs, movies, links, PDFs, and more to the app’s limitless canvas.

You may collaborate with people in real-time via FaceTime and iMessage, and the software is accessible on the iPad and Mac as well.

Although you can still use a capacitive stylus on the iPhone, Freeform is more helpful on the iPad because that device supports the Apple Pencil.

Two New Lock Screen Widgets

In iOS 16.2, there are two new Lock Screen widgets for sleeping and taking medications.

You may check your most recent sleep session and sleep stages using the Sleep widget, and you can easily access your medication schedule using the Medications widget.

New Always-On Display Options

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max now support hiding the background and notifications in always-on display mode with iOS 16.2.

This causes the Lock Screen to appear solid black and minimalist in always-on mode, much like Android.

In the Settings app, under Display & Brightness Always On Display, are the new “Show Wallpaper” and “Show Notifications” toggles.

Live Activities for Sports Scores via Apple TV App

Sports scores may now be viewed in Live Activities on iOS 16.2 via the Apple TV app.
On the Lock Screen and, on iPhone 14 Pro models, in the Dynamic Island, users of the iPhone may quickly check the live scores of MLB, NBA, and Premier League games thanks to the feature.

For instance, the Dynamic Island displays a scoreboard with the number of goals scored by each club during a Premier League game.
The Dynamic Island expands to display the time remaining and play-by-play action when long pressed.
The score is displayed on a Lock Screen banner on an iPhone 14 Pro when it is locked, as well as on all other iPhone models.

Open the TV app on an iPhone running iOS 16.2 and select the “Follow” button for a supported game to use the functionality.
According to Apple, users in the United States and Canada may access the function for NBA and Premier League games, and users in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and South Korea can access it for MLB games.

New AirDrop Setting

In order to reduce invasive requests from strangers, iOS 16.2 substitutes the previous “Everyone” setting for AirDrop with the constrained “Everyone for 10 Minutes” one.

After 10 minutes, AirDrop now automatically switches back to “Contacts Only.”

New Home App Architecture

Opening the Home app after installing iOS 16.2 reveals an update with new underlying architecture.

According to Apple, the new architecture enhances the app’s responsiveness, effectiveness, and dependability for managing smart home accessories.

Following iOS 16.1, the Home app now supports Matter attachments.

Other New Features

  • SharePlay support in Game Center lets you play multiplayer games with the people you are on a FaceTime call with.
  • iOS 16.2 enables support for 5G networks in India on the iPhone 12 and newer, starting with carriers Airtel and Reliance Jio.
  • The built-in Weather app now features an Apple News section.
  • Improved search in the Messages app allows you to find photos based on their content, like a dog, car, person, or text.

There are a few other changes and optimizations in iOS 16.2, as outlined in the full release notes.

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