Romania wants to buy Bayraktar drones. Estimated purchase price: €300 million

The Ministry of National Defence has requested Parliament’s prior approval for the procurement of three Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aircraft systems and the Joint Permanent Bureaux have approved the request.

The purchase could cost the Romanian state €300 million, excluding VAT, which includes logistical support, military training and training sessions, according to background data collected so far. The exact value is to be determined after the procurement procedure.

“The procurement of the Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) is aimed at implementing the Capability Targets assigned to Romania within the NATO defence planning process. It also contributes to achieving the objectives of Romania’s Army Transformation Programme to 2040. Thus, this acquisition will provide equipment with a military purpose and weapon systems in support of certain categories and commands of the Army’s forces, in order to achieve flexible force structures with a broad spectrum of capabilities specific to the 21st century, with means to ensure its survival in the tactical field, an extended situational awareness and increased firepower,” the document reads.
Only the Bayraktar system is suited to the needs of the MFA

At the same time, according to the quoted source, “given the mission that will be used for this type of equipment, the analysis carried out at the level of the Ministry of National Defence showed that, from a technical-operational point of view, only the Bayraktar TB2 UAS system can meet the needs of the mission of the beneficiary force category, at the required performance level and within the established timeframe”.

“It is envisaged to procure three Bayraktar TB2 UAS systems of 6 aerial platforms with target hitting capabilities, together with an initial logistics support package and specific training and training equipment. These UAS systems are intended for Land Force structures operating in the operational environment and provide real-time, continuous or long-term information support, concurrent with the possibility of target engagement, without endangering the physical integrity of airborne personnel,” the document states.
When negotiations start

Negotiations with the Turkish manufacturer could start this year, if Parliament gives its consent, as requested by MapN in its letter to Parliament. The law requires prior approval for procurement contracts worth more than €100 million.

The Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 is an unmanned aerial combat vehicle, a drone capable of autonomous or remote-controlled flight operations. Bayraktar TB2 has a flight range of up to 27 hours, can travel at speeds of up to 222 kilometres per hour and can fly up to 150 kilometres away from the military base.

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